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Doctor Luke


Strong and Courageous Dec. 21,2017 Doctor Luke describes an orderly and well researched account of the birth of Jesus Christ from the second gospel narrative in the new testament. The Birth of Jesus Christ 2In those daysa decree went out fromCaesar Augustus that all the world should beregistered.2This was the firstregistration when Quiriniuswas governor of Syria.3And...

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Advent of Joy

Advent of Joy

IMG_5208.MOV ...

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O Come O Come Emmanuel


Strong and Courageous Dec. ,2017 This is my favorite Christmas song of all time. The words go like this: O come O come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel. That morns in lonely exile here. Until the son of God appears. Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel Shall come to you, O Israel. I love it that this song captures the very pinnacle of human history into a few short ...

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Love is Crazy Awesome!

Advent of Love

Do you hold back love for only the special people in your life? That's not what God did, He let love loose on every race and nation. Set love free and watch what God does with it....

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Strong and Courageous Dec. 8,2017 I have been reading and interesting book titled Miracles by C.S. Lewis. Lewis is a very famous author from the early to mid-20th century. He penned The Chronicles of Narnia series, and also wrote many other books defending the Christian Faith. In the first few chapters of his miracles book. Lewis lays out some poignant ideas about m...

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Advent of Hope, we have something that fills us with hope everyday.

Advent Hope

Our hope is not found in something, but rather someone. Jesus came so that we might have hope eternal. He doesn't lose His popularity or fade over time. Our Hope is not found in who we are or what we have done, but in who He is, and what He has done....

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Secrets of the Universe

multi planets

Strong and Courageous Dec. 1,2017 I watched an interesting show on T.V. last night, titled Secrets of the Universe. In this episode they were talking about being on a quest to discover extraterrestrial life. This particular episode was focused on increasing our ability to see planetary systems associated with stars. The idea is that most stars are bound to have a "sol...

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