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peace sky

There is something about the Peace of God that is so inviting and contagious. The scriptures say for us to taste and see that the Lord is good....

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Beauty Vs. Utility


Well known atheist Richard Dawkins has described the universe as “cold, heartless and pitiless.” His idea that there is no design or designer of the universe, that it just happened to come into existence on its own, is blatantly stated as fact. However, I wonder what the universe actually should look like, if what he says is true?...

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General vs. Special Revelation

cathedral sky

There are two distinct types of revelation given by God to humanity in order for us to be able to make sense out of the cosmos. The two types are broken down into general and special revelation....

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What about Morality?

double one way

We have been talking recently about aspects of worldview. What is the overarching narrative of how a person lives out their philosophical views? Not only in the aspect of theory, but how we live out the need for consistency in the laboratory of life itself....

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