Christ Central

Christ Central

Christ Central

We are a family of churches served by an apostolic team led by Jeremy Simpkins. This team works with over 275 churches in more than 25 nations and is part of the wider Newfrontiers  family. We carry the prophetic call that ‘we can do more together than apart’ and are now serving many churches & church plants in various parts of the world.

The River Center became part of Christ Central Churches in April 2020. We have invited a Global Apostolic Team to lay a foundation for the local church to grow and build upon.  We would invite you to take some time and discover our churches by visiting the Christ Central website.

Way back in 2011, the original ChristCentral team discussed what values should shape us as family of churches – what it was particularly that God was highlighting as important.

Our Distinctives 

BEING...Friends enjoying God together

BUILDING...Churches empowered by Word & Spirit

ADVANCING...The Kingdom, transforming the world

REACHING...Nations, making disciples

Our Vision for 2030

Having been praying and seeking God about the next season together, we feel that God has spoken to us about our vision over the next decade.

This can now be summarized as:

Releasing multiple apostolic teams

... serving dozens of nations,

... partnering with hundreds of churches

... mobilizing thousands of believers

We believe God is speaking to us about releasing multiple apostolic teams in dozens of nations; some we are already working in, some new. We want to partner with hundreds of local churches in these nations, serving them and catching them up in apostolic mission. Finally, we want to mobilize and release thousands of believers, to make a difference where they live and work.