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Beauty Vs. Utility


Well known atheist Richard Dawkins has described the universe as “cold, heartless and pitiless.” His idea that there is no design or designer of the universe, that it just happened to come into existence on its own, is blatantly stated as fact. However, I wonder what the universe actually should look like, if what he says is true?...

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General vs. Special Revelation

cathedral sky

There are two distinct types of revelation given by God to humanity in order for us to be able to make sense out of the cosmos. The two types are broken down into general and special revelation....

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What about Morality?

double one way

We have been talking recently about aspects of worldview. What is the overarching narrative of how a person lives out their philosophical views? Not only in the aspect of theory, but how we live out the need for consistency in the laboratory of life itself....

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The Purpose of the Cosmos

telescope 3

Recently there as been much emphasis placed on discovery of potential UFO’s. So much so, that congress is seriously looking into the matter. Not only this, but you see so many people that are interested in the possibility to find life on other planets. We are looking for potential water sources everywhere in our Solar System....

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The Gospel Picture

camera lens 2

Today I would like to share the direction or flow to what I would call the big picture of presenting the gospel....

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The New Tolerance Part 3

Here we are at the third installment on this issue. When I wrote the first part, I thought that it would be a stand-alone article and I would move on to a different subject. However, I keep feeling that there is much more that needs to be said to help us to love those who are deeply enmeshed in this new tolerance, which actually is extremely intolerant of any other viewpoi...

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The New Tolerance Part 2

the wall

Last week we explored what the new tolerance looks like. If you express any form of dissonant position from another person, you are quickly labeled as intolerant and a bigot. Today I would like to look further into how we can respond in this new environment....

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The New Tolerance

the wall

So, what does this redefining view of tolerance look like? It may be helpful to look at the definition of the word tolerance in order to better understand the seismic shift that has taken place. ...

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The Simple Single Cell is not Simple at all

croc skin

When looking at the example of materialistic atheism, one of the main ideas of life arising from nonlife without any design or Designers hand is that the first life was very simple, and then progressed to more complex life forms. This information was gleaned from the science of the eighteen hundreds, not from the current science that we know about a single cell organism....

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Who is the Potter? Who is the Clay?

potter wheel 3

The skeptic, by default attempts to put God on trial. C.S. Lewis in his book titled God in the Doc describes that at the end of the day, the situation is actually reversed. All of Humanity eventually faces certain death and it is we, not God who end up on trial....

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