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The End of Postmodernism? (Part 2)

berlin wall

Last week we explored how our culture is rapidly moving from post-modernism to a plausibility structure that is essentially post-truth. Today I would like to further explore how we as Christians are called to challenge the flow of direction in which we are heading....

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The End of Postmodernism?

no lies

Last week we learned about what plausibility structures are. This idea that societies have a tendency to build thought structures that ripple out into the mainstream of a particular culture. These become social norms as to what is plausible or generally accepted by a majority of the people. Once these thought structures are in place, they become entrenched, that is until ...

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The Gospel in a Pluralist Society


Recently I have been reading the book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society By Lesslie Newbigin. The book is the second installment in a two book series; the first book is titled Foolishness to the Greeks. The works were written in the late 1980’s I am amazed at how poignant his work is today. For today’s post, I would like to lay out some of the groundwork displayed in t...

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