Into the Word

The River Center is part of Christ Central, a Newfrontiers group of churches serving nations all around the Globe. One of the privileges of working together is sharing resources.  "Into the Word" is one of those resouces.  We are blessed to have Martin Charlesworth from the U.K. ministering to us in this video series.  


Equipping the local church, to enable all Christians to use all the Bible in all of life. 


We have 10 weeks on 10 different Saturdays when we will be coming together at the River Center from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Into the Word 2021 Dates

March 20th             Module #1    “Getting to Grips with the Bible”

April 24rd                Module #2    “The Calling and Shaping of Israel”

May 22nd                Module #3    “The Unfolding Story of Israel”

June 19th                Module #4    “Old Testament Wisdom”

July 17th                 Module #5    “Old Testament Prophets”

August 14th             Module #6    “The Gospels Part I”

September 18th       Module #7    “The Gospels Part II”

October 16th           Module #8    “Acts—The Early Church In Action”

November 20th        Module #9    “The New Testament Letters”

December 11th        Module #10  “The Book Of Revelation”



There will be childcare provided.

We will be having a lunch brought in from the Growler Cafe.

The format is video teaching, group discussion and facilitator Q&A.

We believe that every Christian would benefit from this study, "Into the Word".

"It is our desire to help as many Christians as possible to deepen their spiritual life and strengthen their discipleship by helping them to grow in confidence to read, study and use the whole of the Bible in their lives. This course has been designed specifically for that purpose." Martin Charlesworth


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