When we talk about our Vision, Mission and Values imagine standing at the base of a mountain with an exploration team preparing to ascend to the very peak.  Three questions might come to your mind, firstly what's at the top of this thing, what route should we take and finally what supplies do we need to take with us. 

Our Vision is what's at the top of the mountain... 

"Kingdom Advancing Church where God's Glory and Grace are on Display"

God's Glory is the very expression of who He is, God's very nature, His characteristics, His image is seen in us.  We want Jesus to be seen, to be known and to be loved by his Church. When you read 2 Cor 3:17-18, we all have the glory of the Lord upon us.  It's not a glory that will fade away, but one that will grow brighter and brighter.  

God's Grace is what changed the game.  We are who we are because of God's Grace is freely given to us, his chosen people.  We don't see Grace as a chair that you temporarily sit in until you grow up enough to be a Disciple.  We see Grace as the foundation on which everything is built upon.  Grace is God's expressed love for us when he sent Jesus to reunite people back to himself. 

Concerning God's Kingdom, let's simply say that this is where we live. We are a Kingdom people, called by God to extend His borders.  We do that by Gathering, Growing and Going.  As citizens of his Kingdom, we emphasis three things, reuniting people back to God, disciples making disciples and reproducing.  Living in the Kingdom of God is a blast and we desire that all should experience Kingdom living.