This is the River Center

River Center WebLebanon has been our home since 1974, depending upon your age you may think of disco music or corduroy bell bottom pants . We’ve had three name changes and been part of two very powerful movements. Our current pastor is number four which is also the number of locations we’ve had. We love this community and are always discovering new ways to love our city. Ezekiel shares a vision in the 47th chapter that inspired our name “River Center”, we want to be a place of life full of all kinds of people, meeting all kinds of needs. I would love to say we have arrived, but I believe our story is far from over. We are a church where people have a desire to see God’s Glory, God’s Grace and God’s Kingdom advancing. It is not just about Lebanon our vision, mission and values are lived out in our city, state, country and the world.

We have good news and we’re excited to share it. John Bunyan wrote, “Run, John Run the law commands but gives us neither feet nor hands, far better news the gospel brings it bids us fly and gives us wings.” The Gospel is the good news, the message that is on every believer’s lips the news of hope to the hopeless and purpose to the wayward. The River Center story is a journey, a discovery of what it looks like for a people engaged in the big story, God’s story.

Please consider joining us as we walk out the Great Commission found in Matthew 28, we are called to go, the question is "what are we waiting for."