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A Christian Worldview

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Today I would like to contrast the difference between a Christian worldview compared to a secular one. Most of the body of this blog entry comes from the book titled. Naming the Elephant by James Sire....

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Who made God?

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The logic that something coming into existence requires an intelligent designer is far superior to the notion that somehow the universe just popped into existence. We know that information systems are formed in the mind of the creator of that system. Conversely, nothing from nothing equals nothing....

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Erosion of Trust


I believe that the enemy of our souls is attempting to erode away many aspects of trust that we as a society hold on to. Journalism, the press and social media are the hotbeds of where this wearing away is taking place. Things that we used to think were safe and did not question the motives of a platform, are now not as certain as we once thought....

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The Gagging of God

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Recently I have been investing time in rereading a magnum opus book by D.A. Carson titled The Gagging of God/ Christianity Confronts Pluralism. It’s 640 pages worth, so it’s not a casual read. However, there is some really good insights that reveal much of what is currently happening in our culture....

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Echoes of Darwin


One of the tenants of a materialistic world-view is an unflinching acceptance of macroevolution as proposed by Charles Darwin in his work titled The Origin of Species....

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