How Relevant is the Gospel?

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My hope and prayer for all people is that we are awake to the Gospel of the good news about Jesus. Yes, we are secure in our salvation by faith in Christ alone. The question is not about whether or not we are saved, but the question to be answered is… Are we awake or lethargic or sleeping about the gospel?

Jared Wilson in his book titled Gospel Wakefulness provides a sort of litmus test of signs that you are not awakened to the gospel if certain things are present in your thought processes. He says “the purpose of this book is not to shake your assurance, but to rather bolster it. Moreover, in do so to invite you deeper into your own spiritual brokenness to find a glistening diamond-riddled cave of gospel treasure. However, if at this point you are scratching your head, stretching your faculties to understand what is meant by having transferred affections to the centrality of the gospel? Allow the application of a diagnostic test.”

  1. The Gospel doesn’t interest you- or it does, but not as much as other religious subjects.
  2. You take nearly everything personally.
  3. You frequently worry about what other people think about you.
  4. You treat inconveniences like minor (or major) tragedies.
  5. You are impatient with people.
  6. In general, you have trouble seeing the fruits of the spirit evident in your life.
  7. The word of God holds little interest.
  8. You have difficulty forgiving others.
  9. You are often told you are “clingy” or too controlling.
  10. You tend to be self-righteous towards others.
  11. The idea of Gospel centrality makes no sense to you.


If you can identify with much of this list, there is a lethargy in how you are living your life. The writer describes this condition as “gospel fatigue.” As Christians we are not meant to be bored, we are meant be in a constant state of awe about the gospel.

Wilson continues by saying “When we get the gospel for what it really is- the power to save. This is the most thrilling news there could be, the declaration that God’s son died for us, then came back to life to be the risen Lord, achieving for us not only the entry fee for heaven, but also the currency for all of life.” We revel in the new creation it unleashes in its wake at every turn. We never get tired of hearing it. It’s a new song that never gets old. We can cry out to play it again. The gospel renews our affections to embrace a God-centered life. This understanding is the beauty of God’s lavish and scandalous grace towards us. Our sins do not disqualify us from this position. God is greater than all of that. He is truly able to forgive us and awaken us to the power of the gospel.