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River Youth May 28

crowd vlog

The message that brought in 3000. Peter anointed by the Holy Spirit preaches the gospel to thousands. God can use ordinary people to do extraordinary things. ...

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What about the Bible-Is it a reliable source?

bible study

This is a challenging question to answer. The flow of our culture would say no, the Bible is just filled with made up stories, embellished folk tales and is not of relative importance to modern man. This is a major hurdle when we are sharing our faith in evangelism....

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River Youth Vlog May 21

Harvest copy

Have you ever seen something beyond belief? Well God did in Acts 2. In our series 'A few Parting Words', this week we check out what happened in the upper room....

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Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

monkey mirror

Here is the big question of the age. Is all of nature the result of natural selection? Or is there an alternate explanation that has more merit? I know this is a controversial topic, however I think it is worthwhile to explore this today....

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River Youth Vlog May 14

Great commsion

This is the first video of our 4 week series titles 'A few parting words'. Lets check out the last thing that Jesus shared with His disciples before flying up into the clouds. What did He say, and what does it mean for us today?...

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What about Miracles?


So what about miracles? Are they impossible because the laws of nature say so? Alternatively, are they phony attempts of magic trickery or propaganda designed to deceive people? Many skeptics that embrace a naturalistic worldview commonly hold these ideas and points of view....

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River Youth Vlog May 7


Jesus is uncontainable, there isn't enough space in this world to contain all the things He has done....

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Are Faith and Reason Opposites?

be reasonable

Recently I have been re-reading The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. This book along with others in a similar series were a large part of where my passion for apologetics began. Lee was an investigative reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. His mindset is like that of a bulldog....

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How can we make sense out of Evil and Suffering?

question hand

This is one of the hardest questions for us to attempt to answer. The skeptics will say either God is good or He is all-powerful. However, He cannot be both. ...

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