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The Story of Antony Flew


Antony Flew spent most of his life as an Atheist. In fact, he wrote many books on the subject. One book in particular titled the presumption of Atheism and other Essays was considered a major boost to the new Atheist movement. ...

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Thinking about differing Worldviews

the thinker

Over the last 1 ½ years this blog has been focused on showing that the probability of non-guided processes being the causation of life to exist is virtually zero. So why is it that the naturalist will not pay any attention to the numbers which show how impossible his position is, even though the evidence is stacked against him or her?...

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Making Molecules

molecule 2

Today I would like to look at an additional layer of proof that random non-guided processes are not even remotely possible to explain all of the steps needed. Not only are random processes not the right answer, they are even detrimental to the point of snuffing out life, rather than creating it....

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What comes to your mind at the mention of this word? Decadent desserts, foods that make you gain weight, potatoes or bread could be common responses. Today I would like to look at carbohydrates from a very different perspective. While it is not common knowledge, carbs are a critical component for every living cell to thrive. Lately, I have been interested in the work o...

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lightning 5

Miller-Urey launched the famed notion of lightning striking a pond as the causation of first life. Since he used electrical current, our educational system has preached the gospel of this being the only explanation of how life began. All of our science textbooks show illustrations of lightning striking pond scum....

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tubes 2

To even add to the complexity factors, there is also a deconstruction sequence of some structures that are only needed temporarily. It is this deconstruction that I would like to describe today....

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One of the topics of the interview was centered on what is currently coming out of origin of life biology. This field of study is claiming that we are so close to discovering the origins of life, we just need to get some little bits of breakthrough and we will reach the summit....

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Common Design Features

tokyo tower

One of the arguments used by naturalistic atheists is the notion that there are many common design features found in living organisms that prove macroevolution to be beyond hypothesis so as to be a fact. So is this thought process true? That is the subject of todays post....

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The Moon by Design

crescent moon

I would like to look at our moon. In order for life to exist we need to have a moon that is just the right size. Compared to other moons found throughout our solar system, our moon is exceptionally large. This is significant for multiple reasons....

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Looking at the night sky

family night sky

Earlier this week I spent some time out in the yard at night to gaze at the stars. August is a good time of year to do this. It is not too chilly when the sun goes down below the horizon. Moreover, a special event takes place. It’s called the Perseds meteor shower, this increases the chance of you seeing “shooting stars” in the night sky....

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