What if the New Testament was Taken Away from Us?

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Recently I watched a very interesting video featuring Dr. James Tour and J. Warner Wallace. These two men are among my favorite Christian Apologists. The topic of focus is based on the idea that there is so much historical evidence for Christianity integrated in differing societies through out the world, that even if we did not have access to the New Testament, we would still have enough evidence to make the case for the truth of Christianity.

It is important to note that they are not saying that we don’t need the New Testament, we certainly do need it. In fact, Wallace purposed a scenario in which some despotic world dictator despised Christianity so much that he removed every Bible known to man in an effort to persecute the church. Wallace is a committed Christian who loves the Bible, but he says that even if it was taken away from us, the church would continue.

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Christian heritage is woven into the fabric of hospitals, universities, charities and scientific endeavors spanning multiple centuries. When you think about it, Christian ethics and compassion has literally turned the world upside-down. All of this while not even  mentioning physical evidence of Churches all around the globe.

Concerning ancient literature, there is no other figure in the entire documented history of humanity that can even come close to that of Jesus. This includes literary works outside of the Bible.

Switching gears, Dr. Tour talks about origin of life studies. He declares that even world renown scientists have no clue as to how life began. The write papers claiming that they know, but it is all a ruse. Tour has taken on the establishment at great cost to himself. He has been ostracized from receiving critical grant funding needed for research not because of his scientific ability, but because he is a defender of the faith. Tour describes that many other members of the society tell him behind the scenes that he is absolutely right about origins of life research being a sham. They just tell him not to reveal their identity to the society for fear that they will be ostracized as well.

These two topics are potent evidence that our Faith in Jesus and God as creator of the universe is based on the reality of history. Faith in Jesus is real. It is alive and well!

Video Link: Afraid to Speak Up!