In the movie titled The Water Boy, Adam Sandler is often quoted as saying “now that is some high quality H20.”  Today I would like for us to consider H20. Let’s look this in the context of the field of Astronomy and see our consuming desire to try to find water on other planets.

 They reason that all you need to do is find a planet with liquid water and it just naturally follows that life will form from the presence of H20. My question would be, is that a reasonable conclusion? It may seem logical on the surface however; the reality is that this plausibility structure that is so deeply rooted in our culture is absolutely absurd.

 The formation of life from the non-living is off the charts crazily complex. It’s so labyrinthine that the more we research its complexity, the more we realize that we have no idea how to overcome the problems necessary for it to even exist. The more we know, the more we realize what we don’t know. It is such a thorny challenge, and it just continues to escalate over time. More questions that remain unanswered.

 Because the riddle is unsolvable, pop-culture resorts to hiding their heads in the sand and say, “all you need is water.” This understatement is crazy talk and because it is so implausible, it must be repeated over and over again. Say it enough times and eventually we will actually start to believe it to be true.

 And that is exactly what has happened. We have said it enough times that we believe it to be true. “all you need is water.”

 So why am I making such a big deal about this? The reason is that life is so extraordinary that it requires a designing hand, a creator. No amount of luck or improbability can possibly can explain life forming apart from God. 

Our quest for discovering extra-terrestrial H20 and associated conclusion of there being life is… unbelievable.