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The Glory of Mutation?


So what is the centerpiece for thinking that the materialistic worldview could possibly be coherent? The answer is Mutation. They think that random or natural selection is entirely based on mutations that spontaneously have occurred in the gene pool. In this post, I would like to explore the validity of such an explanation as the source of the vast diversity of life on ou...

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Small Changes Make a Big Impact

Sunday Vlog

Are you willing to make a change that will impact your life? What motivates you to make a change? Assess your life and make the adjustments necessary, that will put the Gospel at the center of everything....

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What about Morality?

do not enter

We have spent a considerable amount of time in this blog talking about evidence that points to God as the most likely and best explanation for all of the vast complexity of design found in our universe. Today I would like to focus on another aspect that needs to have God present in order to make sense out of life. The topic is morality....

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