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What is a Quantum Vacuum?


This is not a household word; however, it is good to spend some time thinking about this in light of creation of the universe....

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Emulating Daniel

lion 2

Recently, I have been reading a book written by Frank Damazio titled The Vanguard Leader. He develops how our culture has taken on many similarities to the Babylonian culture at the time the book of Daniel was written in the Old Testament....

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newspaper fire

In last week’s post, we talked about the synergistic effect of the multiple examples of fine tuning building an astounding case for a designed universe. After the post, I searched the internet for some atheistic refutation of this case and actually found one. Their arguments are weak and hollow. For today I would like to reveal some of their points and show their impoten...

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The Cumulative Effect


While looking at the improbability of the fine tuning of the universe being the result of random chance, it is valuable to look at the cumulative effect of the many factors necessary for life to exist. While any one of these variables has an extremely low probability, the more of these that link together, it brings an even more astounding number....

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