Micro RNA

micro rna


We have discussed at length how complex DNA and RNA are. They are information systems that provide the blueprints or instruction manuals for how proteins are formed and transported to their proper location in the cell. Today I would like for us to look at how the right blueprint is used to make the proper protein.

Not only do you need the right instructions to build the specific protein, you also need to turn off other instructions present that would potentially build the wrong one. This is called Gene Silencing, it is not a simple process such as turning off a light switch. The “off” button is amazingly complex and has multiple different mechanisms to accomplish this mission critical function. It is so complex, that it would take an upper level college course to fully explain these pathways.

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When considering the probability of some nonguided process being responsible for turning the light switch to the “off” position, it would be utterly laughable to even consider this to be the most likely explanation.

This process is just another example of fine tuning for life to exist, that the atheist/naturalist has no viable answer to.

I have included an amazing video that will visually show you how the “off button” actually works. As you watch it, you can compare and contrast the options of guided by design vs. purely random activities. I think that the most likely choice will be the obvious outcome.

Watch Video: Micro RNA