I watched an interesting show on T.V. recently titled Secrets of the Universe. They were talking about being on a quest to discover extraterrestrial life.


This particular episode was focused on increasing our ability to see planetary systems associated with other stars. The idea is that most stars are bound to have a “solar system” with planets encircling them. They are in the process of making a shielding satellite that will be located the exact distance from a space telescope in order to block out the rays of the star. Similar in effect to our moon blocking out the sun in order to make a solar eclipse. This blockage will allow us to see orbiting planets with much more clarity. It’s pretty amazing to me that our moon is currently located at just the exact distance and is just the right size to perfectly block the sun in order for us to discover what the corona actually looks like. It’s almost as if it was impeccably designed with our discovery in mind. (Or maybe it was just one of the hundreds of the freak accidents of nature that once again we really just got extremely lucky.)


They also talked about what kind of planets they will be looking for in order for the possibility for life to exist. The quest has been to try to find a planet that has liquid water. The idea was/is that if only there was water on a planet, then necessarily, there would have to be living things in existence. It seems very naïve to me to set the bar so low. We know that there are many, many more parameters that are necessary to be in place in order for life to exist.


planet decor

I will give the T.V.  show some credit here, they at least started to raise the number the number of requirements to three. They are water, proper atmosphere, and a magnetic field. These are all subjects that we have recently covered in this blog, which is quite delightful for me personally.

But I am disappointed that they limited the number so low still. Scientists have discovered more than 200 such requirements. Some of them include having multiple planets interacting with themselves to provide proper gravity and protection from hostile projectiles. Even having a nearby relatively large moon is essential. The size and distance of all of these bodies all must be perfectly coordinated for life to exist. They all essentially must all be nearly exact to replicate our whole solar system. Hmm… it seems like our Solar System had to be designed.

Added to all of this is the unending enigma of where and how did DNA ever originate apart from exquisite design by God almighty.


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