The Tip of the Spear

spear tip


Last week we talked about the difference between natural theology and revelation theology, and how they can work together to form a more complete Christian world-view.

Today I would like to look further into how natural theology can play an integral part of being salt and light to the world around us.

There is a very interesting dynamic in how science has progressed over the last 50 years. This progression has served as a platform to rekindle the question, does God exist? The more that we know about cosmology and biology, the more difficult it is to hold to a naturalistic viewpoint. This deeper understanding of how complex everything is has pierced the comfort level of thinking that unguided random processes could possibly explain the source.

This is where the tip of the spear resides. Science would like make the statement that it can explain everything. Well, it can’t. The are aspects of philosophy and theology that go beyond the limitations of what science can explain.

Those who hold to the notion that science does explain it all, have to come to form a religion called scientism. Since this expression must hold to naturalism, there is a lens that everything must filter through that world-view. Even if it means jettisoning aspect of science itself. Particularly in the field of statistics. The mathematical probability of our universe being the way it is, with all of the parameters combined is one in multiple trillions and trillions. Yet the only naturalistic explanation is that we just got extremely lucky.

Or the other answer is that there are trillions and trillions of other universes. This is only a mathematical attempt to even out the equation. The problem with the multiverse is that you have left the boundaries of science and are in uncharted and unprovable territory.

playing cards

Scientism is like a house of cards. Everything has to hold up, if one card fails, the whole thing crumbles. This  sometimes forces belief in fake news in order to maintain the status quo. For example; The statement that life began as a simple single cell organism and then progressed to more complex life forms is a false flag. The idea of there being a simple cell is preposterous. Even bacteria that use RNA instead of DNA to replicate and build structures within the cell are complex beyond our comprehension and ability to produce.

In my conversations with people outside of faith, I ask them early on to consider going where the evidence leads without holding an a-priori view against Christianity.  If people will come to the debate with an open mind, there is plenty of evidence to help them find their way. We can’t force open-mindedness, but we can help expose them to see how closed they are in the process.

Again, this doesn’t have the ability to lead a person all the way to faith. However, the debate over the existence of God can create a climate of trust in which God can be seen as worthy of faith and commitment.

For further study, I would recomend watching the Return of the God Hypothesis By Dr. Stephen Meyers

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