What about the Weatherman?

rain shower


Continuing the theme from last week’s entry, I would like to look further into the question is atheism dead? Eric Metaxas, in his new book describes how science is doing more to bring vast amounts of evidence to validate a universe designer. Over time, the information keeps mounting up higher and higher that a naturalistic perspective of random chance being responsible for origins can’t possibly be true.


So, what about the person who says, I believe in Science, therefore I don’t believe in God? There are plenty of people who hold this viewpoint. Their thinking has been that the more science advances over time, the less and less there would be a need for God. The trouble is that the exact opposite has been occurring over the last 40 years. The probability of a chance universe is absolutely shockingly unlikely. We are talking about odds being 1 X10 to high exponential values.

The reality is that they (atheists) have to deny scientific probability, in order to attempt to hold their position. In other words, they are willing to be anti-science when the statistics don’t fit their narrative, while claiming to be scientific. Wow, can’t they see the irony of this? Well, evidently not.

I have recently had an in-depth conversation with an atheist friend about this very topic. When asked why he isn’t willing to look at the numbers, his reply was that they are “just numbers.” You see, he is forced into a position of denial of the evidence in order to attempt to hold on to his world-view. He basically said that statistics do not matter at all.

My question is that a valid way to defend his position?

What if a weatherman chose to ignore all statistical analysis developing his forecast?  He might research to find that the forecast models predict the chance of rain to be 100%. He doesn’t like that information, (he wants the weather to be nice) so he just ignores the research and says it’s all sunny and blue skies in his report. I don’t think that he or she would last very long on the job if this took place. It would be absurd to conduct business in this fashion.

equations 2 

At the end of the day, the numbers are not going away. Even if a person makes a choice to deny their existence, the probability of a God designed universe is profoundly more likely than one happening by random chance alone.