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Gravity is truly amazingly complex. There are many aspects of gravity that our minds still do not comprehend. But does gravity have the ability to actually create the universe?

Stephen Hawking thinks so. He may very well be one of the smartest men on the planet, however concerning this particular aspect, he seems most illogical. It is very significant to me that the smartest guy in the room can only come up with gravity as the best explanation for the origin of our universe.

If that is the very best explanation that the secular mind can attempt to manufacture, it is inferior to the Christian mind that looks for a Grand designer for our cosmos. It is almost as if the naturalist will say about our origins, anything but God, no matter how incoherent it may be.

Saying that gravity is the cause of the universe is like saying that mathematics is the cause of constructing a bridge. Certainly mathematics is involved in the process of proper construction of the bridge, but it is not the creator of the bridge. The creator is the design engineer and the construction team that actually builds the bridge. We would never question design being the product of a mind concerning a bridge, how is the universe anything different? The supposition is that everything that comes into existence is the result of a creator, there is no other adequate explanation.


The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” (Psalms. 14:1) I find it interesting that the root word for fool in this context means insane or insanity.



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