Construction Sequencing



We have spent significant time in this blog to develop how complex living structures are. The necessary functions of proteins found within living cells are numerous and so complex that design is the only viable explanation for their existence. Today I would like to look at an additional problem for the naturalist worldview, it is the sequence of priority of timing involved in the creation of these amazing structures that are an absolute requirement for life to be present.

The timing sequence of this creation further complicates and lowers the probability of chance or unguided processes being the origin of life. We are already talking about scientific exponentials of the probability of building proteins being in the powers of tens many times over. When you add the need for proper sequencing to occur, you have to add many more exponential zeros to the equations.

power generator

Things like the building of the cell wall and the membrane of the nucleus are similar to the construction of the foundation of a house in that these are the required first ingredients in the building process. ADP/ATP powerhouse generators are similar to the electricity that a contractor needs to run his tools to construct a house. Again, this has to be of first priority in the building process.

To make things even more complex and complicated, some of these structures not only need to be in place early, that actually have to work in symbiosis at the same time. For example, the proteins necessary for opening up the double helix of DNA and the sequencing code of the DNA itself, both have to fully operational and interdependent from the very beginning. This is virtually impossible to be the outcome of a non-guided process.


Dr. James Tour has described the scenario like this, “Say I would like to make a cake and I really like the icing, so I will make that part first, and also the main ingredient.” What kind of cake do you end up with that? Tour is a working scientist involved in researching nanotechnology. He is not just a talking head, but involved in the actual science of developing products that can potentially save human lives.

Dr. Tour has an incredibly informing video that involves this sequencing dilemma in much greater detail that I have developed here. I would highly recommend that you take the time to watch this video. It is not too technical for the layperson, and will deepen your understanding  in this area.

James Tour: The Mystery of the Origin of Life