Beauty Vs. Utility



Well known atheist Richard Dawkins has described the universe as “cold, heartless and pitiless.”  His idea that there is no design or designer of the universe, that it just happened to come into existence on its own, is blatantly stated as fact. However, I wonder what the universe actually should look like, if what he says is true?

chocolate cake

To begin with, it would seem that the universe would be hardwired with only utility of function as the predominate features present. In other words, the simplest and most boring of things would be sufficient for life to exist. Therefore, since there is no design, there need not be any extraneous beauty or diversity present.

For example, the food that we eat would only be focused on providing the necessary energy for life. In Dawkin’s world, it would make sense that gruel would be the only food source available. Gruel for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, every month and every year.  How foreign of an idea this is compared to reality. Our pallet is the beneficiary of all of the wonderful diverse tastes that we experience. This rings true with the concept of a loving, caring and compassionate designer of it all. I can think of rib-eye steak, banana crème pie, watermelon and chocolate cake just to name a few. I am sure you can fill in the blanks with some of your favorites as well.

The whole arena of Art is another aspect that should not likely be present in a cold, heartless, pitiless universe. Is there a utilitarian need for Picasso in the world? Why do some of us enjoy poetry? Mona Lisa is just a face, nothing more, nothing less.

The fact is that we are hardwired to value and enjoy beauty around us in many different forms. A tropical beach or a snow-capped mountain range are both aspects that relate more to a designer’s hand than just utilitarian function alone.

Design is present all around us every day. Beautiful things are constantly on display, it seems to be built into things with our pleasure to experience these things in mind. To me, they all are a massive display of the creativity and love that is extended to humanity by God, almighty!