Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?


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Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?

Yes, it is the age-old question; however, I would like to address this type of question for today’s post. It is this kind of question that leaves a person with a sense of not being able to definitively choose either answer. This conundrum may end up taking us to a spiritually numinous place. I hope you will get the gist of where I am going in this post.

The subject matter of this type of question is based in DNA and the process of opening up its double helix in order for its information code to be accessed. The challenge is this… All proteins are constructed from the information that is locked in the helix. The apparatus that is used to open up the helix are made up of proteins. So, which came first, the protein or the DNA?

This is a much more profound question than the chicken and egg. DNA or RNA is found in all living organisms; therefore, the question of the origin of life is at the center of the heart in this riddle.

Why is it that the material scientists cannot give us adequate answers to the first life forms? If all of life started by a random cause, then this mystery of necessary enzymes and DNA opening is an unsolvable problem. They cannot give an answer, because there is no answer. The only likely explanation is there was a designer who created all of these features at the same time in order to set things in order for life to exist.dna

The process of opening up a strand of DNA requires 3 separate and distinct protein machines in order for the information for critical components in a cell to be constructed.  The helicase opens up the helix by rapid spinning, much like a jet engine. Next, single strand binding proteins prevent the opening becoming too wide. Third, a structure called topoisomerase cuts the outer beams of the helix to release the spinning tension, and then it re-glues the beams back in place. All of these structures and processes are critical to bring about the information required for a cell to function and to reproduce itself. In addition, there are more steps that are very complex in nature, in order to transport this information out of the nucleus of the cell to where the actual manufacture of these proteins take place.

We see layer upon layer of ingenious design with a level of complexity is off the charts crazy! Therefore, which came first, the protein or the DNA?

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