The Story of J. Warner Wallace

police line


J. (or Jim) Warner Wallace served as a cold case homicide detective in Los Angeles California. His record of accomplishment for being able to solve crimes that had gone unsolvable for many years is phenomenal. Because of his prowess, he appeared on multiple crime solving documentaries on television.

He was also a very outspoken atheist for many years. His father was a hardened atheist and he had decided that he would be the same, until one day. He and his wife decided that they would go to church, just once, to see if they could gain any practical insights on how to raise their children.

However, he was challenged by the minister, that declared  “Jesus was the smartest man in the history of the world. In addition, all of Western civilization was founded upon the messages that he spoke.” Jim thought, this can’t be true. These statements are an overreach. Or are they true?


 Jim became curious and decided to consider using his highly tuned technical skills to investigate the gospel narratives of Jesus. The forensic evidence that he found was compelling. His reasoning led him to conclude that the Christian message is true.

Jim is somewhat reluctant to share his testimony about all of this because he does not want people to rely on his story alone. He is very candid about this because he wants  people to investigate the gospel themselves.

 Many young people today are leaving the church because they don’t believe Christianity to be true. Often times it is because they have not adequately looked at the eyewitness accounts of what took place in the gospel narratives. This is sad to me that we are not equipping our young people as well as we should. I would encourage anyone who is doubting to read the gospel of Mark. It is the briefest account of the four gospels. This scripture is integral to understanding what has historically taken place concerning the life of Jesus

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