The Simple Single Cell is not Simple at all

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I remember that a few years ago there is a recall on certain passenger air bags in Toyota Corollas. We happen to own one of those cars, so it  aroused my attention into the matter. Fortunately, the year of manufacture did not match ours, so we were not impacted. However, the idea of protecting our society from harm by issuing a recall notice, or to place a retraction in a piece of journalism that was faulty and incorrect seems to be a very important aspect of the overall health of community.

So you are possibly asking yourself, what does this have to do with anything associated with this Strong and Courageous Christianity blog? Well, I am so glad that you have asked this question. The answer is found in what our society chooses to not retract or recall. It is this omission that seems alarming to me.

When looking at the example of materialistic atheism, one of the main ideas of life arising from nonlife without any design or Designers hand is that the first life was very simple, and then progressed to more complex life forms. This information was gleaned from the science of the eighteen hundreds, not from the current science that we know about a single cell organism.

The biological research that has taken place over the last 200 years is light years more advanced than what Darwin perceived in his generation. The understanding of the complexity present in these cells is amazingly high. So much so that it is not tenable to consider that the source of life could ever have been attributed to chance or natural selection.

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This information is not new, the advancement of biology over time has confirmed repeatedly that the single cell is not simple by any form, way, shape or means. The crazy thing is… There has never been any kind of retraction or recall of this information. No one from the naturalist camp has ever come out and said, sorry guys, the things that we told you about the simplicity of the single cell… well that was actually totally wrong. In fact, the truth of the matter is that these little things are more complex than any computer software program that has ever been constructed. The student in the classroom today is still told the mantra that evolution is the product of a simple single cell organism advancing over time.

So, why is this omission purposely imposed on a well-educated society? I believe the answer lies in the narrative that folks do not want to entertain the notion that God designed life. The evidence for returning to the God hypothesis is pretty much overwhelming, if a person is willing to go where the evidence leads them.

If you are interested in learning more about this subject, I would highly recommend that you watch the linked video called The Return to the God Hypothesis by Dr. Stephen C. Meyers. The treatise here is that the Scientific community has attempted to religiously bully a belief system that ignores the knowledge of current biology.


Return of the God Hypothesis by Stephen Meyers