The Moon by Design

crescent moon


Much of the information found in this blog is on the subject of the fine-tuning of the universe. Many people think that all you need in order for life to exist is to find a planet with liquid water and voila… life is bound to be present. However, scientists have discovered that there are many more parameters necessary for life to exist. This list has grown to about 200 distinct characteristics that are necessary for intelligent life to be found. The probability of many of these  parameters is so infinitesimally small that there is no way that chance alone could be the most likely explanation of their origin.

moon clouds

One of these necessary requirements is to have a large moon orbiting the planet. Today, I would like to look at our moon. In order for life to exist we need to have a moon that is just the right size. Compared to other moons found throughout our solar system, our moon is exceptionally large. This is significant for multiple reasons. Our large moon exerts just the right amount of gravitational pull on the earth. The moon is fine-tuned to be big enough to do just that. If it were slightly larger, the effect of ocean tides would be dramatically higher, the end result would be that ocean water would totally engulf all of the land masses of the earth. We would have a water world as a result. Good for fish maybe, but not so much for humanity and all other land animals. If the moon was smaller, it would diminish tidal movements and significantly alter our rainfall water cycle. Our planet would likely be just oceans and deserts.


 Another reason for our moon needing to be large is that it serves as a shield from harmful bodies flying through our solar system. All of the “pock marks” that we see on the surface of the moon are examples of this protective mechanism.

The distance between the earth and the moon is also significantly fine-tuned. This distance is not static, it changes over time. It is so fascinating to me that the diameter of the moon combined with its distance from us allows a shading of the sun for a perfect  total solar eclipse to take place. It looks like this was designed to allow Einstein to discover the theory of relativity. He needed to view a solar eclipse to confirm his theory to be true. It is after the invention of the telescope that this distance between the two bodies is just exactly right to allow us to see the corona of the sun.

The moon is the topic of many songs and poems. One particular tune goes like this, “when the moon meets the sky… like a big pizza pie… that’s amore.”(That is Italian for love) The next time you look at the moon, think that it is God saying “amore” to you. He made the moon just right for you and me to be alive and enjoy the beauty of His design.