The Cumulative Effect



While looking at the improbability of the fine tuning of the universe being the result of random chance, it is valuable to look at the cumulative effect of the many factors necessary for life to exist. While any one of these variables has an extremely low probability, the more of these that link together, it brings an even more astounding number.

How these multiple factors interrelate to one another is known as Bayes Theorem. This is a bit technical as it is part of probability calculus, however, in simple terms, the sum is exponentially greater than the addition of the parts of the whole.  

I bring this up because the numbers are so staggering in favor of a designed universe that it flatly stymies the atheist’s mind. They just freak-out when attempting to overcome such a high mountain of evidence stacked against them, so much so, that they just have to pretend that the numbers don’t exist.


I am surprised that they don’t try to argue about how big the numbers are against their position. You would think they would attempt to talk them down into lower, managable numbers. I think that they would surmise how troubling it is, if they even began to consider them. So, the only option is akin to an ostrich burying its head in the sand. If I can’t see it, it just doesn’t exist.

However, these numbers do exist. They are not going away, no matter how much the atheist attempts to skirt the issue. For anyone who is willing to go where the evidence leads them without having their mind made up in advance, the probability for a designed universe is simply overwhelming. That is why the atheist must dodge the issue at all costs.

For a more in-depth description of what this fine tuning of the universe for life to exist looks like, here is an excellent video by Dr. Stephen C. Meyer. He is able to take technical information and boil it down in understandable laymen’s terms.

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