The Big Picture Part 2

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Strong and Courageous

March 15,2019

Last week we talked about there being 4 important aspects of the story of God’s redemption plan as follows: Creation, Fall, Redemption and New Life. We talked about how each of these woven together can help those that the Holy Spirit is drawing understand this life giving message.

Today I would like to tell you about a plan to bring this 4 part message to high school students throughout the United States. It is called the life book, which has been developed by the Gideon Society.

life book

This book brings an easy to understand story about all four aspects of creation, fall, redemption and new life in a dynamic and persuasive way. It also develops the idea of creating missionaries among our young people.

The reality that the American High School is a mission field that needs short-term missionaries is essential to the distribution strategy of this book. While the separation of church and state will not allow any teacher s or administrators to distribute religious material. There is nothing wrong with students distributing materials as peer to peer. This has been well established in the courts. So as long as it doesn’t interfere in the classroom, it is acceptable for students to give away this life giving message.

school desks

This campaign to bring the good news of the gospel to the schools is being very successful. Currently there have been over two million copies distributed to students throughout America. Many of us have mourned over the Bible being taken out of the classroom since 1962. We have seen the horrible consequences that have followed by turning our schools into a war zone, as well as many other grievous things.

This strategy to bring the Bible back into the schools to those who are interested, is desperately needed and  an integral part of bringing the kingdom of God to the next generation.

More information about the life book can be found at