It's Not Enough

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A few weeks back I made the statement that, the one message I would like to share with our culture is that God is really real. However, there is more to it than that. In this blog, we have been developing compelling amounts of evidence that God is the creator of the universe. To try to come up with a better alternative explanation is fruitless.

A person may say, Ok Bob, you have shown that the evidence is in favor of a creator being, so what. What difference does it make? This is a serious question that often times people do not ask, when they deeply need to know more about the ramifications involved.

If there is a creator God, why has He created us in His image?  How can we identify and find Him?  And what does He expect from us?  

 I think it is important to understand that the God of the Bible is trinity. God is one essence, in three distinct personalities. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All existing outside of time, and eternal in nature. There has always been a perfect harmonious relationship between these three persons of the Godhead. The creation of humanity was birthed out of God desiring to extend relationship to humankind. We are born wired to be social beings. There is a place deep in our hearts that yearns for harmony and intimacy. We also have a level of disappointment when our relationships do not meet up to our own expectations.

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The biblical story of Adam & Eve shows how they were in close relationship with God, prior to their fall. However, the fall of Adam and Eve caused a huge break of this relationship. As a result, all of humanity lost their way to intimacy with God, and could not find their way back. We lost the ability to find him, in and of our own strength. It is God’s love that created a way for us to turn back into right relationship with Him. He is the innovator, which is where Jesus comes into play.

Jesus is the only pathway to redemption. He came into the world, to redeem the world. Like an author writing himself into his own narrative, Jesus comes to our rescue. His passion play to us is indeed the very  pinnacle of all of human history. The bible describes the power of the gospel of the kingdom of God as dunamis… the Greek word for dynamite! Our right standing with God, is in belief in Jesus, not our own self- righteousness.

There is a spiritual craving in the heart of us all that desires relationship and connection with this dunamis. Some folks describe this as a God shaped hole or vacuum in the human heart. As image bearers of God, we find fulfillment when we respond by faith in Jesus to restore and redeem that which was lost. The bible says that without faith, it is impossible to please God. However, it certainly is not a ”blind leap” of faith. The evidence both in creation and eyewitness accounts found in the Gospels is compelling. I would encourage you to read the gospel of Mark to see the testimony. It is the shortest of the four gospel accounts.