I recently watched an interesting video of an interview between Dr. James Tour and Steven C. Meyers talking about the origins of life research. These two people are the amongst the smartest guys in the room, no matter who else is in that room. Both are Christians, love Jesus and excel in their fields of study. Tour specializes in nanotechnology and is building tiny nano cars that can potentially deliver cancer treatment directly to cancerous cells inside the body. Meyers focus is on design systems originating in the mind of a creator, particularly in the study of DNA.

One of the topics of the interview was centered on what is currently coming out of origin of life biology. This field of study is claiming that we are so close to discovering the origins of life, we just need to get some little bits of breakthrough and  we will reach the summit.

 Doctor Tour has held the view that it is such an over reach to attempt to come up with this conclusion. He has held their feet to the fire and has exposed how futile their research has become. Basically this research strategy is taking parts of  living organisms, manipulate them either by heat, chemical additives and reactions or a combination of them, then claim that the results look something like the organism does. That is it, that is all that they are doing.

Basically, they are attempting to play Dr. Frankenstein, only it’s worse than that. Tour goes on to say, “even if they had all the parts of a cell together they could not come up with the mystery of how complex a single living cell is. If you have all of the proteins and infrastructure present in a cell, if it has ceased to function and has died, they have no way to resurrect that cell back to life.” So the notion of taking parts and manipulate it in order to produce life is absurd. Even if you have all of the parts of a cell assembled together, if it is not living, you cannot make it come back to life." At least Dr. Frankenstein was wise enough to work on a whole monster of a person and not just some parts like a hand or a leg.

Dr. Meyers point of interest involved the subject of RNA. Origin of life scientists have been looking at RNA instead of DNA being responsible for the origin of information in the first generation of living organisms. The reason for this is that some of the information in certain strains of bacteria only have RNA present. This research has been titled the RNA world.

Another problem with the RNA world is that after years of work, they have only been able to create two actual amino acids, only 10% of what is required. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 20 different ones, and you need all 20 in order to build these proteins for life. If you are a student and score only 10% on your exam, how poor is that?

starwars lego

I would describe that Amino acids are kind of like lego blocks. If you are building a lego starwars model, you need all of the parts and also use your mind to follow the instructions of assembly. The RNA world says, ok build your model, here are 2 lego blocks for you to use in order to complete your task.

The other challenge in this research is that the RNA mechanisms are supposedly an unguided process that has occurred randomly without any intelligence. If all of the intentional work of intelligent scientists can only produce 10% of the requirements. how could random non-guided processes do 90% better?