By The Numbers Part 2



Last week we looked at the astounding improbability that naturalistic unguided processes could form our universe. The numbers are huge, suggesting that the most likely best explanation for this fine-tuning is that it is the product of design. However, that is only half of the story. These numbers are based on astronomy and astrophysics alone.

There is a completely different arena where these high multiple exponential numbers turn out in favor of a designed universe. Again, the odds of probability are so overwhelming as to eliminate unguided forces as the most likely cause. (If one will look at the evidence.)

This area is biology. One of the great misnomers is that life started out as a simple single cell. Any one studying biology will quickly learn that there is no such thing as a simple cell. Everything about a so-called simple cell is in truth amazingly complex. From cell walls, to nucleus, to protein synthesis, to RNA and DNA and the ability to replicate, all of these necessary structures require massive amounts of information and construction that is more complicated than any assembly line that is manmade.

chain link

Proteins are constructed by chains of amino acids linking together. In the average so-called simple single cell, there are 50 -70 protein structures necessary for life. There are 20 different amino acids that comprise each link in these chains. This means that each has a 5% chance of being correct. The average chain length is 150-300. If any one of these amino acid links is out of sequence, the protein will not fold properly and that is catastrophic. Therefore, you can easily see the exponential improbability of each link for all of these proteins being exactly right by chance alone. The improbability numbers dramatically grow with every link in the chain.

Carbohydrates are even more improbable to occur by unguided processes than proteins. Beyond my ability to explain.

While the naturalist just responds that he/she just doesn’t have a reasonable explanation for why the numbers are so lopsided against their position. They will not acknowledge that this weakens the house of cards on which they stand.

Link: DNA and information: Dr. Stephen Meyer