Built to Last Forever

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Built to Last Forever

Christian people have much more meaning and purpose in life compared to those who do not believe in God. If our universe is just the product of random molecules in motion, the end point is a cold heartless unyielding survival of the fittest. And if survival is the ultimate goal, it is only temporary in nature. What happens when a person dies?

The Bible says that God has planned eternity in the human heart. Rick Warren in his book titled The purpose driven life describes this. “You have an inborn instinct that longs for immortality. This is because God designed you, in his image, to live for eternity. Even though we know everyone eventually dies, death always seems unnatural and unfair. The reason we feel that we should live forever is that God wired our brains with that desire!”

My thoughts on this subject matter is that eternity is a very long time. Duh… Our minds cannot even comprehend the concept. However, there is great value in knowing that we continue existing beyond the grave. The best that the atheist can hope for is annihilation. How comforting is that? And what if he/she is wrong about the concept of no God?

C.S. Lewis said “There are two kinds of people: those who say to God `your will be done` and those to whom God says, `all right then, have it your way.` ” I believe that God does not send people to hell, they want to go there because they have no desire to live in God’s presence. Tragically, many people will have to endure eternity without God because they chose to live without him here on earth.


When we start to comprehend that there is more to life than just the few years we have here, we will live differently with different priorities. There are many parables found in scripture that display that the seed must die in order for the plant to thrive and grow. Likewise, our time on earth is only a dress rehearsal for the glorious future that awaits.

Life’s  challenges and problems that seem so important can become more trivial and unworthy of great attention. Warren further states “The closer you live to God, the smaller everything else appears.