Amazing Evidence for Design

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We just finished our last Alpha evangelism class this week. It was a wonderful experience for all of those attending. We watched two incredible videos that display the intricacy of how spent energy in a cell is recharged to provide the necessary energy for all cells to survive. These mission critical components have multiple layers of complexity that are astounding to the human mind. These micro-molecular machines are astonishingly elaborate, so much so that it is impossible for all of these elements to be the product of any form of unguided processes.

This machinery is called ATP synthase. It transforms ADP (spent energy) into ATP (active energy) by the use of a rotary motor that is complete with rotor, stator, rings and a cam shaft that opens up the port to receive ADP and expel ATP.

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In addition to the motor, the mechanism for causing the rotation that makes everything work properly is more astoundingly complex than the motor itself. In order for the motor to turn, there has to be a dramatic proton gradient across the inner membrane of mitochondria.

Yes, this is a bit geeky, however, if you watch these videos, you can get a good impression of the designed intricacy that is required for all of eukaryotic life to exist.

These videos use animation to visually allow us to view what is happening at an atomic level.

ATP Synthase:

Electron transport chain to power ATP synthase: