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Prayer and Fasting January 2021

PRAYER and FASTING from January 25 to 29th 

It is significant when the church comes together to pray.  We are turning our eyes towards heaven and surrendering our lives to the will of the Father.  We have all experienced unique challenges in 2020, there is a possibility that you've never prayed more than you have this past year.  Let's allow this momentum of prayer to continue into 2021.  

Here are a few of the things we will be praying for during our time in January.

  1. Our Mission of Growing in God, Worshiping God and Obeying God
  2. Wanting to start a School of Leadership, teaching people to be Godly leaders in their church and community
  3. Starting a training that will allow everyone to grow in their understanding of scripture, this class is called, "Into the Word."
  4. Having a thriving marriage course at the River Center.  This course will strengthen and support those that are newly married as well as those that have been doing it for a long time.
  5. Our city, believing for people to know God's Amazing Grace.  Praying that the River Center will be a sanctuary of refuge for the lost.  
  6. Purpose Driven Church will be launched in the Spring of 2021, empowering the church to fulfil their purpose as ministers of the gospel.
  7. Financial Peace for the church, paying off our 1.3 M mortgage, trusting the God of multiplication to do more with our 90% than we can do with 100%. 


Fasting Options


The Schedule for the week...

Monday 25th    Prayer at the Church walking around the auditorium inside.

               Financial Provision for Kingdom Extension, for His Glory

               6:00 p.m.             Start with Prayer and Explanation

               6:10                     Prayer walk around the auditorium

               6:40                     Join back in the auditorium for prayer

Tuesday 26th   Personal day of prayer and fasting.  

              Find time this day to get alone with the Lord.  Take a journal and allow your Father to speak to you.  So many times Jesus got away to pray, turning to his Dad as he faced all that was to come.  God wants to ready you for what's to come, take some time to let him do just that.

Wednesday 27th  Prayer and Worship at the River Center

               6:00 p.m.             Prayer and Explanation of the Open Mic and Worship Set

Prayer and Worship are both expressions of surrendering to the will of God.  During the middle of the week we want you to experience the heart of worship as the River Center worship team leads us into a place of awe and wonder.      

Thursday 28th  City Prayer Walk

8:00 a.m. at the River Center

Praying for the City of Lebanon. The River Center will become a Hub, a Port of Harbor. Sending people from this location to the ends of the earth. Vision for Church Planting, Outreach, Tanzania, Mexico and the Ukraine 

You could join us anywhere along the route or just start with us and go as long as you'd like.  We will be leaving at 8 a.m.


Mile 0 River Center

Left on Market St, cross at light Left on Santiam Hwy, Right on Russell Dr. 

Mile 1 (8:18 am)

Right on Airport/Russell, Left on Mountain River

Mile 2 (at Riverview School) (8:35)

Right on Park Dr, Left on Milton

Mile 3 (8:53)

Right on Franklin, Left on Oak, Right on Williams 

Mile 4 (cross st. Carolina) (9:11)

Left in Wheeler, Right on Santiam, Left on Reeves Pkwy 

Mile 5 (9:29)

Left on 5th St. Right on Tanget

Mile 6 (7th St. Grocery) (9:47)

Left on 12th St

Mile 7 (Green Acres School) (10:05)

Left on "D" St. Right on 7th St.

Mile 8 (Lebanon High School) (10:25)

Right on Walker, Left on 10th St. 

Mile 9 (cross st. Lindsey) (10:45)

Left on Mazama, Left on 8th, Right on Cherry, Right on 7th, Left on Vaughan Ln. 

Right on S. Fifth, Left on Joy

Mile 10 (Joy/5th) (11:07)

Left on S. Main, Right on Market St 

Mile 11 River Center (11:30)



Friday 29th River Center Multiplication

               6:00 p.m.    Introduction of Prayer

               6:10           Praying over every chair, having our church family                                                    names cycling through on the projector during this time.

               6:40           Coming together open mic.