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Online Alpha

 alpha online   What is Alpha?

Online Alpha is a series of group discussions that explore life, spirituality and faith through a Christian lens. We create a non-judgmental, safe and open environment where it is easy to explore anything that you may be curious about.

You can try it out by attending the first session on Tuesday evening 6:00 on September 15th. It will be a fun time for you to find out if Alpha is for you.

How it Works?

Welcome/Introductions- 6:00-6:10

Use your zoom invitation to meet your moderator and other people taking the course 

5 minutes with Bob 6:10-6:15

Learn some interesting facts about the design characteristics of the Universe.

Watch- 6:15-6:40

Small films with big ideas. Each week we will watch a video from the Alpha film series. These videos are aprox. 25 minutes.


The entire night builds towards this peak experience. After the film you will be placed into virtual breakout rooms where your host will lead you into interesting conversations and ideas that are introduced in the video. You can participate as much or as little as you desire. This is a great environment to explore those big questions (or little) that you may have.

Dates and Times-

Tuesday Evenings 6:00 for 10 weeks starting September 15th. Join us for session 1 where you can get a taste to see if Alpha is for you. Over the 10 weeks will will run Alpha sessions covering different topics and ideas.

Sign up below and we will email you a link to our zoom meeting. (You will need to download Zoom meeting from the app store if you haven't already done so.) We can also help you if you are having difficulties with the download.

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