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Worth the Wait


Hello everyone!!

What a wild last few days it has been....

My dad and I unfortunately have not left for Ukraine yet! We needed a 72 hour covid test and a 24 hour covid test for this flight and two of them got lost or "compromised" in the transit to the lab. Because of this, we have moved our flight two days back. Thankfully, Gary was able to go on Friday as planned, and is in Ukraine now with Jed and Kim!!

We were able to Facetime them this morning which felt like a small glimpse of hope in the midst of our stress-filled day hahaha. Today was mostly just a day of waiting for an email notification with our covid test results in it....

At 6pm tonight we officially got all of our covid test results back and are ready and able to  get on that flight tomorrow morning!! yay!!! 

Dad and I are feeling so excited and relieved that we are able to head to Ukraine tomorrow! Even though these last few days have been stressful and has definitely kept us on our toes, it has been worth the wait and great to see the way the Lord works all things out for good. It has been a blessing to spend a few days with my dad driving anywhere we could to take Covid tests in Portland, Salem, Lebanon, Albany and Gladstone. Many cherished memories have been made.

Looking forward to the next blog when we are there :)



It’s funny how God works. We plan things and expect for them to go a certain way, but then something happens. It’s a great reminder that God is in control of ALL things and it’s all in His timing. I’m glad you guys are off and I am looking forward to your upcoming blogs. Have a blessed time and be safe.
So proud of you Kenie. You are going to be such a joy to the entire Wide Awake International family. God is going to use you and the rest of the River Center team to bless, encourage and strengthen Jed and Kimber, their family and their team. Thank you for the daily updates. Looking forward to reading your next blog!
You are on your way now! YAY! :)
Actually, as I type this, you are in the air, flying to Amsterdam...this is a long flight. We will be awaiting your next blog and so excited to hear of all your adventures in Ukraine. Love you all so much. Talk soon!
Kenie! We are excited for you! What an opportunity this is for you! Stay safe, take in every moment and keep on blogging. We love you and will be praying for you! ♥️
Oh my gosh. COVID has thrown another curve ball into midst of careful planning. I’m glad to hear that it has finally been rectified and you are now on your way. Look forward to all that you have to share with your River Center family. God has great plans for this trip and how excited you must be to be in the midst of this. Prayers for all of you.
I’m so excited for y’all to finally get there!! Praying for safe travels!
Kenie you said it all!
Looking forward to future posts!
Kenie you said it all!
Looking forward to future posts!

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