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Family Time



Today was very relaxing. I spent most of the day with Ezra and Addy, two of the Johnson kids. I have really enjoyed getting to the know the Johnsons. Ezra and Addy took me to their youth group which was quite the experience! I was the only person in the room that only spoke English which actually turned out to be really fun hahaha. Ezra and Addy translated for me and some of the kids there were practicing English with me :) 

I have really enjoyed exploring the town and the village with the family and growing in relationship with them. Addy has been taking me to second hand stores that are a GOLD MINE here! Definitely something I will miss when we go back. Last night we went to a restaurant with the family where we ate Shashlik. Shashlik is pork neck cooked with onions and peppers. It was delicious! I didn't think I was going to enjoy it at first but I would highly recommend now!! 

We have tried a lot of new foods and so far, they have all been very delicious! They have really yummy almond pastries. Actually, all of their bread products are very very tasty!

Fun fact: Ukrainian food has no spice in it at all. If you ask for something to be spicy, it will taste the exact same as the original type. They do not enjoy spice, which is very interesting! Jed even asked us to bring some hot sauces from home so they can have some here because they can't find any! 

Still really enjoying my time here :) 


love love, 



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