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Goodmorning everyone!!

It is currently 9:30am here, just finished my morning coffee and now I am sitting in the living room reading. It looks like it is going to be really nice outside today, the skies are clear and the sun is out! A nice change from yesterday's weather! It was POURING rain. There was so much rain we had to take detours to get to church and on our way we actually had to pull someone's car to try and get it to start because it died driving in so much water. 

Something I have really enjoyed while being here is the mornings. Almost all the family usually is sitting in the living room, everyone with their cup of coffee and lots of good conversation. It's been really enjoyable. 

Yesterday, dad and I went and got one of the two covid tests we need to fly home on Thursday. They do it a little different here. They swab both your nose and your throat and combine the swabs into one sample. I guess if you're negative for covid in your nose they want to make sure you're not positive in your throat...hahaha. Anyway, I got my results for that back this morning and all is well! We will take one more test on Wednesday and then we should be good to go!

Tomorrow we are planning on spending the day in Kyiv(Kiev) with the family. My dad wants to visit the World War 2 museum (you know how he is about that kind of stuff) so that should be really intersting! Dad and I are going to stay there for the night in a hotel close to the airport because our flight leaves at 6am the next morning. 

I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to join Gary and my dad on this trip. It has been such a wonderful time and so special to put faces behind the names and really see the incredible things they are doing here. The Lord is working in miraculous ways. There is so much beauty in saying "YES" to what the Lord is calling you to do and it's so clear that the Lord's hand is over everything they are doing here. 

A great desire for intention has stirred in my heart while being here. Being intentional in the way you develop relationships with people, in the way you speak to people, love on people and work with people. Intentionally loving people because they are his. They have been created so intricately and wonderfully in his image. 

This trip has been everything and more. 


Love love, 


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Great post. Thank you for blogging while in Ukraine. So wonderful to hear all that God is doing there! I love your intentional word. That is a great encouragement to us all. Love you, see you soon!

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