HOT TOPICS and the TRUTH About Them

April 8, 2021

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Category: Community Groups | Coordinator: Warren Stroup

During our time together we will be talking about topics that our culture is currently dealing with.  As a Christian we have been designated as a "horse and pony side show", people don't think we have anything to bring to the main stage.  This is false and we must be able to learn how we can speak into the Hot Topics of our generation.

We will be talking about Gender Confusion, Suffering, Abortion, Atheism, Euthanasia, Capital Punishment, Sexuality and much more.  

This is an open discussion forum; our Pastor will get the ball rolling but everyone else will be kicking it around the room.  It's a lively time and so enjoyable.

This group is open to singles and young marrieds (out of High School or in the 20's.)