The Glory of Mutation?



In last weeks episode, we looked into the naturalist’s idea that every complex thing found in our universe is the result of the appearance of design only, not actually design itself. We showed that there is no warrant for this ideation. We are strictly told to just trust the “experts in the room.”

So what is the centerpiece for thinking that the materialistic worldview could possibly be coherent?  The answer is Mutation. They think that random or natural selection is entirely based on mutations that spontaneously have occurred in the gene pool. In this post, I would like to explore the validity of such an explanation as the source of the vast diversity of life on our planet.

How could a long amount of time plus changes by mutation in the genes of living organisms bring about the wellspring of diversity around us? This question is very legitimate today, even though many evolutionists would say that it is not. They believe (religiously) that mutations are the glorious vehicle for diversity, and any skepticism against their position should be in essence, persecuted.  Their objection is not based on evidence, but rather on a philosophy of worldview. In addition, anyone holding any alternate view is to be despised and bullied. I thought that the notion of good science is to question everything in order to discover the validity of its truth claim.


When looking at the mutations that we see in living things, we should ask the question, is this variation helpful or harmful to the organism? This is the big question. If we see a calf born with only 2 legs, is that beneficial? Of course not. This is not an isolated example, in fact all mutations that we visibly see, tends to degrade the individual, not help it survive as the most fit.


We know that in complex systems, if you inject random changes, the system rapidly degrades. Take computer software code for example. If you start to place random unguided bits of information into the software, it will end up badly broken within a short time frame. We also know that the complexity in living organisms is even more sophisticated  than any software we have created.  So why is it that we readily can see that deviations in code is devastating  to system design, yet we welcome it and glorify these glitches in the context of the evolution of life? It seems pretty far-fetched to me.

So, why am I posting all of this information that exposes naturalism for what it is? I want to help you to see how reasonable it is to believe that it was God who gloriously created the universe. It's not just blind faith to believe in Him.

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I have another short video that is well worth watching that describes how unlikely it is that mutations can account for the diversity of life. Again, I will warn you…. This video is awesome.

Mutations: X-Men Flub Evolution