Earth Wind & Fire

Earth Wind and Fire

October 6th 2017

Strong and Courageous


Over the past weeks we have been talking about how finely tuned the universe is in order for life to exist. I would like to do some further digging into how there are so many different necessary parameters that are required for you and I to be sucking oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

I have titled this blog entry earth, wind and fire because I want to talk about more necessary conditions in the earth, its atmosphere and the sun that allow life to flourish. We have mentioned some of the basics about this already but I want to add some more things to the list. This list is not comprehensive but does contain compelling evidence for a great designers fingerprints being left on the scene of the creation event.



Rotation Speed must be within 10 %

Age of planet, if too young the planet would rotate too rapidly, if too old, more slowly.

Ratio of reflected light vs. direct light on the planet surface within 10%

Collision rate with asteroids and comets. If it were less, our crust would be depleted of essential materials for life. (within 1/10 of 1%)

Tectonic plate activity, if it were less, nutrients from the ocean floor would not be recycled and could decimate all life found in our Oceans.

Global distribution of the continents. If the formation were any different, it could dramatically change the climate of the earth to not support life.

Ocean to Continents ratio, same as above

Soil mineralization, impacts diversity and complexity of life forms. This must be fine tuned to 1/1000.


Wind (atmosphere)-

Oxygen to Nitrogen ratio, effects all of life functions

Carbon Dioxide level in the atmosphere, too much could cause runaway greenhouse, too little and photosynthesis could not occur.

Water vapor in atmosphere, essential for life.

Ozone layer essential for UV protection and also in temperature regulation.

Oxygen level in the atmosphere, within 4%, higher level would cause oxidation and burn up the planet, too low and all aerobic life could not exist.


Fire, The Sun-

Parent star distance from the center of the Galaxy. There is too much deadly energy near the center.

Parent star distance from radial arms of the galaxy. Same as above.

Number of Stars in the planetary system. Yes, we will have only one please, thank you.

Parent star age and generation. Our sun is a second generation star with just the right mix of materials. Age also effects luminosity and ours is just right. (The probability of this being correct is 1X10 to the 3rd power.)

Parent star color. If more red, photosynthesis would be insufficient.

Parent star mass. Must be fined tuned to 1/10,000 for life to occur.


And there you have it. I have listed 19 pieces of evidence in this post. Often times in a criminal case, a jury will be convinced with only 7 or 8 actual pieces of circumstantial evidence. Also these examples that I have listed are well documented, and non-controversial.


Could all of these requirements for life have just occurred by chance or necessity? Did we just get reeeeaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lucky? It’s up to you to decide.


This information is compiled from the book titled The Creator and the Cosmos by Dr. Hugh Ross.


The heavens declare the glory of God!



Dr. Hugh Ross