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Why isn’t there a retraction or recall?


the idea of protecting our society from harm by issuing a recall notice, or to place a retraction in a piece of journalism that was faulty and incorrect seems to be a very important aspect of the overall health of community...

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Exile and Redemption.


There is a theme that t is presented in the Old Testament that is relevant for us today. That is the story of Israel taken into bondage in Babylon, then returning and being restored to their land....

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Burden of Proof

mans back

Last week we looked at the idea that a skeptic actually suppresses the truth of creation, in spite of massive amounts of probability stacked against him. Today, I would like to develop this subject further....

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Truth Suppression


For today’s installment, I would like to look into the core of the naturalist’s philosophy about God....

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There Can Be Only One!

Vlog 2

Jesus is the only one that could deal with our problem. We must not shy away from this truth. The best part is that it's free and the perks are AMAZING!!!...

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Living Systems in Rivers

brown trout

This week I would like to develop the concept of how complex the interactions of differing animals and plants are in their environment...

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Slaves to Righteousness

weekly vlog 3

What a joy to know that as Sons and Daughters we are slaves to Kingdom living. We can only have one master and righteousness is ours. Give that a think!...

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The Great Trilemma

3 waterfalls

C.S. Lewis, one of best theologians of his day, famously said “A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things that Jesus said, would not be a great moral teacher.”...

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The Glory of Mutation?


So what is the centerpiece for thinking that the materialistic worldview could possibly be coherent? The answer is Mutation. They think that random or natural selection is entirely based on mutations that spontaneously have occurred in the gene pool. In this post, I would like to explore the validity of such an explanation as the source of the vast diversity of life on ou...

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Illusion of Design?


From the skeptic, his objection to all of the complexity that we see around us is that there is only an appearance of design, not actual design itself. So how legitimate is the claim of only an illusion of design, when it is not actually present? That is the subject for this post....

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