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What about Miracles?


So what about miracles? Are they impossible because the laws of nature say so? Alternatively, are they phony attempts of magic trickery or propaganda designed to deceive people? Many skeptics that embrace a naturalistic worldview commonly hold these ideas and points of view....

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River Youth Vlog May 7


Jesus is uncontainable, there isn't enough space in this world to contain all the things He has done....

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Are Faith and Reason Opposites?

be reasonable

Recently I have been re-reading The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel. This book along with others in a similar series were a large part of where my passion for apologetics began. Lee was an investigative reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. His mindset is like that of a bulldog....

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How can we make sense out of Evil and Suffering?

question hand

This is one of the hardest questions for us to attempt to answer. The skeptics will say either God is good or He is all-powerful. However, He cannot be both. ...

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River Youth Vlog April 30

He is the vine

Jesus is the true vine; He is our source. The last I am statement Jesus made in the Gospel of John before He went to the cross. He is the vine and we are the branches....

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River Youth Vlog April 23

one way

7 I am statements of Jesus, I am the way, the truth, and the life....

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Evidence for Resurrection Part 2

wooden cross

Last week we looked at some of the evidence to the truth of the resurrection. Today I would like to look a skeptical counter argument that attempts of subvert the historical record....

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River Youth Vlog April 16


In our current series on the 7 I am statements of Jesus, found in the gospel of John. We check out Jesus as the resurrection and the life....

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River Youth Vlog April 9th


Hey guys, here is this weeks vlog; we will be talking about the next I am statement of Jesus. "I am the Good Shepherd". Jesus is our shepherd and He is willing to lay down His life for His flock. Happy Easter...

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Evidence for the resurrection

cross heart

As we are the edge of coming to Easter. I would like to lay out for you the historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus to be true. Despite many skeptical objections, for over 2,000 year’s generation after generation of people have had a firm belief in the accuracy of the biblical accounts of Jesus raising from the dead....

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