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It's Not Enough

not enough

A few weeks back I made the statement that, the one message I would like to share with our culture is that God is really real. However, there is more to it than that. In this blog, we have been developing compelling amounts of evidence that God is the creator of the universe. To try to come up with a better alternative explanation is fruitless....

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Pre-biotic Soup

green soup

You may have seen an article in the media about how OOL (origin of Life) scientists have conducted recent experiments that places the world at the very edge of creating life, or at least having a full understanding of how life began on our planet. The reality of this is… there is nothing further from the truth....

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No Way

no way

If there was one message that I could shout from the rooftop to our culture, it would be that God is real. The universe and all of the complexity of the things we see around us, had to be designed by our Creator. There is no other answer that makes any kind of sense....

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Construction Sequencing


Today I would like to look at an additional problem for the naturalist worldview, it is the sequence of priority of timing involved in the creation of these amazing structures that are an absolute requirement for life to be present....

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The Invitation

extended hand

It is the invitation that I would like to discuss today. When we understand that Christmas is woven with spiritual meaning. The holiday is meant to be about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, born in a manger in Bethlehem....

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The Birth of Jesus Christ


Today, I would like to look into something that is insidious in nature. It is the attempt to change the calendar. So Bob, what does this have to do with the Christmas story? Well, I am glad that you asked the question. J...

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Christmas Season

christmas presents

Ok we are in the first week of December so the Christmas season is here. This is a great time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, it is also a time of building pressures. Finances, holiday schedules, and decorating are among the many priorities that come into play during this window of time....

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give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving....

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The Folly of Idolatry

wooden statue

Often times when we think of the term idolatry, we have a notion of this being something very old and ancient; therefore any of the negative connotations associated with the word no longer have meaning and are not relevant. Today I would like to challenge that notion in order to see that idolatry is still prevalent in our society today and needs to be addressed....

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What about Creation by chance?

footprints sand

Today I would like to look at some of the history behind the naturalist viewpoint that the Universe and everything in it is the product of chance....

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