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In the Face of the Devil

Sunday Vlog

When we give Jesus our time and energy the enemy is reminded that he is defeated. There's nothing more powerful than making Jesus big in our lives....

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5 Fold Church- Discipleship Part 2

team hands

We are continuing on the topic of discussing the 5 aspects for a local church to be healthy or centered. Today we are taking a second look at the role of discipleship. In last week’s post, we laid out 3 distinctive parts of discipleship found in the great commission in Matthew 28. They are, being teachable, being obedient and being in proper relationship with who Jesus i...

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5-Fold Church- Discipleship

blue jeans

We are continuing our series on the five aspects present in a healthy local church. Today our topic is discipleship....

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5 Fold Church- Preaching

greyscale preacher

In our ongoing series on the 5 dynamics of a healthy or centered church, our topic today is preaching....

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5 Fold Church-Worship

laughing boy

We are continuing to look at the five parameters that the New Testament develops for a healthy vibrant church. Today’s topic is focused on worship....

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5 Fold Church

5 candles

We often hear within charismatic circles about the 5 fold giftings of church leadership, but we don’t hear much about the 5 fold aspects of the church itself....

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The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas tree topper

If any of you are familiar with the Vegietales cartoon series, you may recall that in one of their Christmas episodes they discovered facetiously that the true meaning of Christmas is “a Buzz-Saw Louie action figure. No the true meaning of Christmas is 12 Buzz-Saw Louies!”...

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Christmas is coming

Weekly vlog 2

I hope you’re having a blast getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ. What an amazing time it is with our family and friends. Let’s make Jesus a big deal this Christmas, he is the reason we celebrate!...

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His Presence

Sunday Vlog

God has chosen to live inside of you. That should blow your mind a bit. The God of all creation decided that you should be His dwelling place. Come on!!!...

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Loving God with your Mind

thinker man

It is interesting to me that many people in our culture view the entirety of Christianity from the perspective of raw emotion alone without any engaging of the mind what so ever....

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