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The Birth of Jesus Christ


Today, I would like to look into something that is insidious in nature. It is the attempt to change the calendar. So Bob, what does this have to do with the Christmas story? Well, I am glad that you asked the question. J...

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Christmas Season

christmas presents

Ok we are in the first week of December so the Christmas season is here. This is a great time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, it is also a time of building pressures. Finances, holiday schedules, and decorating are among the many priorities that come into play during this window of time....

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give thanks

Happy Thanksgiving....

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The Folly of Idolatry

wooden statue

Often times when we think of the term idolatry, we have a notion of this being something very old and ancient; therefore any of the negative connotations associated with the word no longer have meaning and are not relevant. Today I would like to challenge that notion in order to see that idolatry is still prevalent in our society today and needs to be addressed....

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What about Creation by chance?

footprints sand

Today I would like to look at some of the history behind the naturalist viewpoint that the Universe and everything in it is the product of chance....

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coffee spill

Stains, nobody likes them, and we all seem to have something spill on ourselves at the most inconvenient time. Coffee down the front of your shirt, pasta dropped in your lap, or grape juice on your couch or carpet. Life can be like that at times, unexpected events that have emotional impact woven into unfortunate sequences of events....

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I am weak but He is strong.

strong boy

In this blog, we have been talking about being strong and courageous Christians. Today I would like to look at our strength being a positional dynamic. It is not based on the notion of self-works or tenacity of human will power alone. Our strength is totally based on being adopted as Sons and Daughters into the Kingdom of God....

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Every Heart Beat

heart shape

All of this, got me thinking about how amazingly complex and fine-tuned our electrical system found in our hearts is. We just expect this system to work seamlessly, delivering blood supply to all of the cells in our body. The electrical properties of our hearts is so incredible....

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God is Good: God is Holy.

bible boy

When we look at the character and nature of who God is, we see that He is both profoundly good and exquisitely holy. So the question is, how do these attributes of God’s nature influence how we think out and live a Christian World-view?...

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Vlog 2


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