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The Glory of Mutation?


So what is the centerpiece for thinking that the materialistic worldview could possibly be coherent? The answer is Mutation. They think that random or natural selection is entirely based on mutations that spontaneously have occurred in the gene pool. In this post, I would like to explore the validity of such an explanation as the source of the vast diversity of life on ou...

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Illusion of Design?


From the skeptic, his objection to all of the complexity that we see around us is that there is only an appearance of design, not actual design itself. So how legitimate is the claim of only an illusion of design, when it is not actually present? That is the subject for this post....

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Why the Design of the Universe Matters


I recently have been rereading the book titled By Design or by Chance? By Denyse O’Leary. This book does an excellent job of distilling out, how modern science is giving more and more data to show that the Universe is the product of design. The amount of complexity that we see is everywhere we look....

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Discouragement and Depression

woman behind fence

Last week we unpacked how the Gospel is meant to change everything about us, so that we are constantly becoming a new man or woman in Christ. Today, I would like to look at the subjects of discouragement and depression in this context, and to relate how legalism can play a role in messing things up....

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Leaving and Arriving

Vlog 2

Being people of God we have in our DNA a desire to go. God created us to be a people on the move. What is it He's calling you to leave in order for you to be about His business?...

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The Gospel Changes Everything

gospel tray

We have recently been focusing on the aspects of what the gospel is all about. This is important, as many folks do not have a proper or full understanding of this topic...

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The Gospel is Good News

weekly vlog 3

Whether a person realizes it or not the Gospel is good news. let this news be in your hearts and on your minds always. Ready to talk to those that have yet to understand how this good news impacts them....

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How can we have Faith?


This is an important question. What does a person do, or how does a person become a Christian? What are the benchmarks that define this type of world-view?...

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Loving What Jesus Loves

Vlog 2

We were created for the purpose of living in community with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Don't miss out on the blessing of being a part of His community....

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Small Changes Make a Big Impact

Sunday Vlog

Are you willing to make a change that will impact your life? What motivates you to make a change? Assess your life and make the adjustments necessary, that will put the Gospel at the center of everything....

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