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God is Good: God is Holy.

bible boy

When we look at the character and nature of who God is, we see that He is both profoundly good and exquisitely holy. So the question is, how do these attributes of God’s nature influence how we think out and live a Christian World-view?...

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Vlog 2


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travel 2

I will be out traveling for the next 2 weeks, so I will be taking a break from posting....

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Loving God with your Intellect

bertrand 3

Today I would like to address the idea of using your mind to completely love and honor God....

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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?


Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Yes, it is the age-old question; however, I would like to address this type of question for today’s post. It is this kind of question that leaves a person with a sense of not being able to definitively choose either answer. This conundrum may end up taking us to a spiritually numinous place. I hope you will get the gist of whe...

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I was talking with a friend recently, who works at a gear manufacturing facility. Our conversation led to the discussion of the tolerance level of fine tuning required to make gears that will mesh together. He said that most of the gears that they make, are manufactured with the help of computer programs that measure to the thousands of an inch....

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Looking at the Stars

night sky 2

Last Monday night, before going to bed, I just had to go out in the back yard and take some time to look up at the night sky. It was so lovely;...

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Why isn’t there a retraction or recall?


the idea of protecting our society from harm by issuing a recall notice, or to place a retraction in a piece of journalism that was faulty and incorrect seems to be a very important aspect of the overall health of community...

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Exile and Redemption.


There is a theme that t is presented in the Old Testament that is relevant for us today. That is the story of Israel taken into bondage in Babylon, then returning and being restored to their land....

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Burden of Proof

mans back

Last week we looked at the idea that a skeptic actually suppresses the truth of creation, in spite of massive amounts of probability stacked against him. Today, I would like to develop this subject further....

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