AWANA is a River Center outreach that partners with 9 local churches to reach young people in the Lebanon area.  Our goal is to encourage scripture memorization, mentor young people and inspire a generation to go out and preach the gospel.  Our aim is to impact a generation to know, love and serve Jesus.
All of this is done through a fun, active approach.  At AWANA we say if you aren't having any fun, you aren't doing it right. 
COST:  $50 per student per year, includes a uniform, book, prizes and awards.  We do take payments and have scholarships available, just ask for paperwork when filling out the application.
Our club runs October 4th to April 25th.  
We accept students 3 years to 6th grade and have a mentorship group for students in Junior High.  
*Cubbies- Ages 3-4, must be potty trained.  We only accept 17 of these students and often there is a waiting list for acceptance.
*Sparks- Kindergarten-2nd grade.  
*T&T- 3rd-6th grade
*Leaders in Training- 7th grade - 15.  This group is mostly comprised of kids who have attended AWANA all the way through and have grasped the mission of making disciples.  Students begin the evening with a Bible Study, one for girls and one for boys.  The second half of the evening LIT students are matched with leaders throughout the club to serve based on their interests and abilities.  Some play with little ones, some lead games, others take administrative responsibilities, some share scripture with younger kids.  Each one serving in their gifting and learning to love and share truth.
Questions:  Call us  Heidi Durrett, 541-409-5784, Amanda Kennedy  541-401-8234